Piece Types - Jewelry Categories

Photo credit: Alex Avalos

Suite: A set of jewelry pieces that go together because of similar design elements and materials. 

Necklaces and Pendants: 

  • Choker Necklace: A necklace that hugs the neck. 
  • Riviere Necklace: Necklace of stones which go all the way around the neck, usually all diamonds. 
  • Dog Collar: A thin necklace that hugs the neck, suggestive of the shape of a dog's collar. 
  • Lariat: A necklace that joins in front like a lariat with the two ends flowing down the front. 
  • Y Necklace: A necklace featuring a single element dangling from the middle, suggestive of a "Y" shape. 
  • Fringe Necklace: A necklace with a number of elements dangling from it along it's length, suggestive of a fringe. Usually a short necklace. 
  • Segmented Necklace: A necklace made up of separate elements which are joined together along its length. 
  • Torsade Necklace: A necklace made up of more than one strand. The strands are then twisted together, creating a ropelike look. Usually a short necklace. 

Bracelet Terminology:

  • Bangle: Stiff bracelet, partially or all around wrist.. 
  • Line Bracelet: Flexible bracelet, usually all around 
  • Cuff: 3/4 around the wrist, usually rigid. 

Ring Terminology: 

  • Stacking Rings/Stackables: Can fit snugly together if work in multiples. 
  • Single Stone Rings/SS Rings 
  • 3-Stone Rings: Traditional engagement ring of Northeast. 

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