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About JDPN

Photo Credit: Helena Lopes. Social gathering, discussion, drinking wine

JDPN connects you with community, knowledge, and the world.

We are jewelry designers, craftspeople, model makers, merchandisers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Our members are professionals, skilled at cutting-edge technology and old-world craftsmanship, ready to share their experience and expertise to support our community and help its members grow and prosper as artists and as businesspeople.

Join us. Every link makes us all stronger.

The Jewelry Design Professionals' Network was founded to promote greater communication between Jewelry Designers through out the industry for the purposes of: 

  • Information Exchange
  • Creative and/or business collaborations
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Social and professional gatherings
  • An open exchange of network and communication by distribution of our Newsletter and our Informative meetings.

This organization strives to develop a more inclusive and comprehensive awareness of the American Jewelry Design Community, which makes a significant contribution to the Jewelry Industry at large.
We believe that greater communication and interaction between and among designers will strengthen us as individual designers, and as a professional group.

Our aim is to provide an open, accessible and supportive channel for designers to share ideas, questions and concerns that affect many of us as artists and as business people; and to celebrate and enjoy our energy and creativity with like-minded individuals.

Our Mission

JDPN, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1998, provides a professional and amicable environment in which we can celebrate and enjoy the energy and creativity produced by like-minded people.

We believe that greater communication and interaction will strengthen us, both as individual designers and as a professional group.

Through social and informative meetings, lines of communication are opened, creating the educational, networking and professional opportunities necessary for our members to increase business in a competitive market.