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Jewelry Industry Organizations

Photo Credit: Helena Lopes. Social gathering, discussion, drinking wine

The jewelry industry is fortunate to have many different types of organizations and affiliations for its many career types, business models, and professional interests.

American Craft Council
American Gem Trade Association -
American Society of Jewelry Historians -
Diamond Grading Laboratory- AGS Laboratories Home Page 
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
International Gemological Institute (IGI)
Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO)
International Jewelry Designers' Guild
International Jewelry Making Meetup Groups
Jewelers of America
Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC)
Jewelry Design Professionals'
Jewelry Information Center (JIC)
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA)
National Bead Society (NBS)
New York State Jewelers Association
Society of American Silversmiths
The Bead Society of Greater New York
The Society of North American Goldsmiths