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Ani Khachian

jewelry designer, founder & creative director of Ani Fine Jewelry

Ani Tutunjian Khachian AJP Graduate Diamonds & Pearls GIA and experienced design engineer is the founder & creative director of Ani Fine Jewelry a 3D design business located in Norwalk, CT.  Ani continues the path of being a self-taught fourth generation jewelry design legacy professional who creates original fine jewelry swag & contines the same custom-made quality control jewelry design system & process initiated by her late father, master jeweler Garo Tutunjian of Smoketree Jewelers Palm Springs, CA.  Ani is known for helping and educating private clients and the jewelry industry in developing and creating ethical, original, personalized wearable jewelry art that aligns with an event, creates a mark of a civil action or a human experience.  

Ani holds a BA Management with a minor in Mathematics & 3rd subject concentration in Philosophy from Manhattanville College. She resides in Connecticut and keeps a connection to the Manhattanville Campus as an annual moderator to the Regional National High School Ethics Bowl.

Ani happily holds board positions on both the Armenian Jewelers Association (NY) and boards and can be see actively participating in Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA), Jewelers of America, Women’s Business Development Council (Stamford, CT) and Hayvn workspace events. 

Make a statement with your original jewelry swag that marks your story behind a design.