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Pets: Jewelry Design Projects & Personal Connections

JDPN Friday Night Live @ 5
Jewelry Talk with Nancy Ross and Ani Khachian
In Honor of National Pet Month

Friday, May 13, 2022
5:00-6:00pm EST

Pet Painting


Dog Tag

Pets: Jewelry Design Projects & Personal Connections

In honor of National Pet Month
We will present a program on pets.
Jewelry design projects and personal connections.

Why is pet jewelry so popular?

People sport animal motifs, cats, dogs, bunnies, turtles and birds that represent and honor their special pets.

We wear dog collars and dog tags.

What do pets wear besides medical and identification tags?

Do their owners don their furry loved ones with charms of bones and paws or symbols reflective of themselves or another? What do they choose and why?

Please share your take on these questions following a fun presentation and feel free to share and show your pet pieces.