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Ani Khachian: a JDPN Member Spotlight!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023
7:00-8:00pm EST

Ani Khachian
Founder of Ani Fine Jewelry
“Let's Make your Jewelry Personal”

An Inside Look into the Studio Life of an Independent Jewelry Designer

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ani racket jewelry

Ani's career began in a corporate setting; she was a Mergers & Acquisitions professional for one corporation, and an Executive Support Administrator for another. But her passion for jewelry creation prompted her to connect with her father, a master Jeweler.

A fourth-generation member of the international jewelry industry, Ani is a member of numerous and varied professional groups and schools. Unlike her father's command of wax carving, Ani's expertise is in Computer Aided Design (“CAD”).

Her designs are detailed and precise. A strong connection with her clients allows her to create highly personalized and unique pieces. "My goal is to create jewelry which empowers the wearer and reflects their passions in life".