Paul Bundarin

jeweler, designer, artist


“I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember,” says Paul Bundarin, a New York City based jeweler, designer, artist, and award winning orchid grower.

Paul’s work is greatly inspired by classical design, exploring different facets of form in the natural world, and human culture. Paul’s long time affinity to orchids and his love for their unique and alluring beauty has provided him with a continual source of inspiration. Other sources for Paul’s vision come from his travel experiences. Chance encounters with unfamiliar cultural objects has been influential in his creative process.

His first recognition came while still at university, when he was selected as one of the artists represented in the prestigious “Forms in Metal: 200 Years of Metalsmithing in America” show at the American Craft Museum in New York City. It was at this point that Paul knew this was a path he should follow. Paul’s work also extends into the fine art world where in addition to metalsmithing he has exhibited sculpture and drawings.

Paul’s most recent focus has been the designing and launching of the Paul Bola Jewelry Collection. These designs offer an approach combining traditional and personal motifs which accentuate texture to create lush and exciting pieces of jewelry. The collection offers a complex and dazzling array of surfaces which are both beautiful and wholly accessible to the wearer.

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